Lujovska Spa – Serbia


LUKOVSKA SPA is situated on the north-east slopes of Kopaonik, 35 km west of Kursumlija, named by the village of Lukovo, 21.5 km away.

According to the number of its springs (there are 31 of them) and the issuing abundance (100 lit/sec), this natural health resort, surrounded by thick, high birch woods and plum orchards, is one of the richest balneological centres in Serbia.

According to the arrangement of the springs at the altitude of 700 m. the Spa is also known as the highest Spa in Serbia.
Waters of its numerous springs are of different temperatures (from 20° C to 65.3° C) and chemical composition, suitable to be applied with many kinds of illnesses, although the best results are obtained in curing rheumatic diseases and some psychical disturbances – neuroses.

Healing water spring - Lukovska Spa

The healfulness of these waters comes from their composition: there are high percentages of lithium, calcium magnesium, sodium, kalium, strontium, chrome, cesium, cobalt. The waters are used for balneological purposes by bathing, while mud baths are also healful.

The remains of citadels, traces of water supply pipes and other finds indicate that the thermae were used even in Roman times, with evidence of a settlement on the spot in the medieval Serbia.
Anyhow, it became famous as a health resort only after the First World War, when clearing the woods and building of the settlement started in 1924.

The first buildings were a few log cottages and three taverns, with village cottages for accommodation of visitors to follow. The first modern bath was built in 1952.

Although there are several baths there now, they are still insufficiently used. Accommodation is available in private houses and camping vans – the total of 300 beds.

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